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Tip Symbol TIP: In addition to logging actions of privileged users this control panel also allows the administrator to see failed logins attempts into any of the accounts that have administrative access to the forum, with the IP address of the user who attempted to login. This is an extremely useful feature for tracking down attempted hacking attempts, by people who try to gain administrative access by guessing the password of the administrator(s).

The Action Log Viewer (or Admin Log) admin control panel shows all administrative actions of privileged users that are logged by FUDforum so that they can later be reviewed by the administrator.

This control panel allows the administrator to see this information by displaying the user name, action, the affected forum data as well as the time of the event.

Click on the Clear Admin Log link to clear the log by removing all messages from it. Please note that (starting from FUDforum 3.0.3) attempts to clear this log will be logged as well. As a result, it will never be completely empty.

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