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The Announcement Manager admin control panel allows the administrator to create global announcements that would appear in selected forums at the top of the topic listing.


Add/ Edit Announcements


This option allows the administrator to define in which forums the announcement will appear, by selecting the checkbox beside each forum. There is also a convenient 'All' button for selecting all of the forums at once, as well as a 'None' button to unselect all of the selected forums.

Starting Date

This option specifies from which date the announcement will be visible. All dates are in GMT.

Ending Date

The announcement will not be shown past this date.


The subject of the announcement.


This this the actual content of the announcement, you can put raw HTML into this textarea (not BBcode!).

Available announcements

Below the announcement creation/editor form is a list of all the current announcements in the system. Besides each announcement is a link allowing the administrator to edit or delete the announcement.

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