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The Attachment Pruning admin control panel allows the administrator to remove attachments posted prior to a specified date. For example if you enter a value of 10 and select "days" this form will offer to delete attachments older then 10 days.

Once you click on the prune button the forum will calculate the number of attachments that will be affected by the pruning and ask you to confirm that you indeed wish to prune that number of attachments. If you confirm the process the affected files will be removed.



Attachments Older Than

Enter a number and choose whether the indicated 'age' is in days, weeks, months or years. Attachments that are older than this number of days, weeks, months or years will be pruned.

Attachment Type

Choose between: All, Public Only or Private Only.

Limit to forum

Allows the administrator to specify a specific forum or category which to prune or whether to prune all forums.

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