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An avatar is a small picture of yourself of representing yourself that will be visible next to your forum posts. To select an avatar for your account, navigate to Control Panel -> Account Settings.


Avatar types

FUDforum supports three types of avatars:

  • Default avatars
Gallery (or galleries) of built-in avatars that forum users can select from. Two galleries are included by default: Smiley faces and Tux penguin avatars. Administrators can remove them or upload additional avatars by navigating to the Avatar Manager admin control panel.
  • URL avatars
External link to an avatar image on a different site. Sometimes also called a gravatar (globally recognized avatar). These avatars require administrator approval.
  • Uploaded avatars
Avatar image uploaded by a user. These avatars require administrator approval.

Create your own personalized avatar

You can use any image manipulation program like GIMP or Photoshop to create a small avatar image from a head shot of yourself.

Several sites are also available that will help you do it. For example, use a site like http://mypictr.com/ to create your avatar from a photo of yourself. Select a pixel size of 64x64 - most forums will not accept larger avatars!

When done, save the avatar image to your PC and upload it to the forum (Control Panel -> Account Settings -> Custom Avatar File:).

Also see

  • Avatar Approval, admin control panel used to approve or delete URL and Uploaded avatars.
  • Avatar Manager, admin control panel used to manage built-in forum avatars.

External links

  • mypictr.com, site for creating an avatar from a photo of yourself.
  • gravatar.com, site that allows you to create a personal gravatar.
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