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This page is meant for developers to see what binary values are in use for FUD_OPT_1, FUD_OPT_2, FUD_OPT_3 and FUD_OPT_4. These values are defined in GLOBALS_HELP and used in the forum's GLOBALS.php file (both files are in the FUDdata/include directory).



Option Value Description
FORUM_ENABLED 1 Enable/disable the forum. Use this while you are upgrading or performing maintenance on the forum.
ALLOW_REGISTRATION 2 Enable/disable new user registration.
CUSTOM_AVATARS 8 Avatars - Uploaded Only
CUSTOM_AVATARS 16 Avatars - Built In Only
CUSTOM_AVATAR_APPROVAL 32 If set to yes the administrator will have to approve every custom avatar the user uploads or provides a URL to.
CUSTOM_AVATAR_ALLOW_SWF 64 Allow users to upload Macromedia Flash avatars, not recommended unless you trust your users implicitly, since Flash animation can potentially trigger various browser events.
SESSION_USE_URL 128 Allow session ids to be passed not only via cookies but, via URL variables.
DBHOST_PERSIST 256 Whether or not to use persistent connections. Slight performance increase, but may cause problems.
USE_SMTP 512 Whether or not to use FUDforum SMTP gateway to send email instead of standard PHP mail() function. Not recommended, unless you need SMTP AUTH or wish to use alternate SMTP server on UNIX systems.
PM_ENABLED 1024 Enable/disable private messaging. Enabled by default.
PRIVATE_TAGS 4096 Text formatting to allow in private messages - FUD ML
PRIVATE_TAGS 2048 Text formatting to allow in private messages - None
PRIVATE_MSG_SMILEY 8192 Enable/disable smilies in private messages.
PRIVATE_IMAGES 16384 Enable/disable images in private messages.
ALLOW_SIGS 32768 Enable/disable user signatures in posts.
FORUM_CODE_SIG 65536 Formatting to allow in signatures - None
FORUM_CODE_SIG 131072 Formatting to allow in signatures - FUD ML
FORUM_SML_SIG 262144 Enable/disable smilies in signatures.
FORUM_IMG_SIG 524288 Enable/disable images in signatures.
COPPA 1048576 Enable/disable the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) check during new user registration.
SPELL_CHECK_ENABLED 2097152 Enable/disable the built-in spell checker.
MEMBER_SEARCH_ENABLED 4194304 Enable/disable the forum member search - Only for registered users
MEMBER_SEARCH_ENABLED 8388608 Enable/disable the forum member search - Enabled
FORUM_SEARCH 16777216 Enable/disable the ability to do a full text search of the forum. Disable this option if you have little CPU power and/or wish to conserve SQL space. If option is disabled the search database will NOT be populated during posting. If you decide to enable the search at a later point, you will need to rebuild the search index. This may take a while, and is entirely dependent on the speed of your server and the number of messages your forum has.
SHOW_EDITED_BY 33554432 Enable/disable the text that will reveal if a post was edited.
EDITED_BY_MOD 67108864 Enable/disable the text that will reveal if an edited post was edited by a moderator.
DISPLAY_IP 134217728 Publicly display the IP address that the message was posted from. The administrators will always see the IPs and so will the forum moderators in the forums they moderate.
PUBLIC_RESOLVE_HOST 268435456 Enable/disable the showing of the partially resolved hostname of the poster to all users (ex. will be shown as This option does not affect the showing of IP addresses.
ACTION_LIST_ENABLED 536870912 Enable/disable the ability for forum users to see what other forum users are doing.
LOGEDIN_LIST 1073741824 Enable/disable the list of users who are currently using the forum on the front page. This option is a MUST be enabled if you want to enable the Allow Action List.


Option Value Description
EMAIL_CONFIRMATION 1 Enable/disable email confirmation of new registered accounts. A special URL will be sent in the welcome email upon registration.
PUBLIC_STATS 2 Enable/disable the showing of how long it took the generate the page and how many SQL queries were run in the process.
DEFAULT_THREAD_VIEW 4 Flat thread listing/Tree message listing
DEFAULT_THREAD_VIEW 8 Tree thread listing/Flat message listing
FORUM_INFO 16 Enable/disable the showing of forum statistics on the front page. Statistics include the total number of approved posts, number of topics and registered users and the last registered user.
ONLINE_OFFLINE_STATUS 32 Enable/disable the online/offline status indicator for the poster on messages.
NOTIFY_WITH_BODY 64 Include the message body and subject inside the email notification.
USE_ALIASES 128 Allow users to specify a nick name, that will be used instead of a login name to identify those users on the forum.
MULTI_HOST_LOGIN 256 This option allows users to login into the forum from different computers/browsers and not terminate their existing sessions on other computers/browsers. WARNING: If you enable this option it is highly recommended that you disable URL sessions.
TREE_THREADS_ENABLE 512 Whether or not to allow the tree view of the topic listing. This is a fairly CPU intensive page compared to all other forum pages, so use this option with caution.
MODERATE_USER_REGS 1024 Whether or not every new registration will need to be approved by the administrator before the new account is activated.
ENABLE_AFFERO 2048 Enable affero, this will result in an Affero button being shown beside each message, allowing users to give feedback via the Affero system. Removed in FUDforum 3.0.7.
ENABLE_THREAD_RATING 4096 Whether or not to allow users to rate topics.
TRACK_REFERRALS 8192 Whether or not to try to track forum referrals by setting a cookie with referral id to new incoming users.
PHP_COMPRESSION_ENABLE 16384 Whether or not to use php to compress forum's output. By turning this option you are likely to save a fair bit of bandwidth. However, for performance reasons it is recommended that you use native compression built-in into most webservers like mod_gzip or mod_deflate for Apache.
USE_PATH_INFO 32768 Whether or not use PATH_INFO based URLs, this will make forum's URLs look like This makes forum's URLs much easier to remember as well as more search engine friendly. Unfortunately this feature mostly works with Apache 1.X based servers and may not work with other webservers. To see if your webserver supports this feature, click on the test link above. If you see forum's front page, then you can make use of this feature. To make use of this you will also need to create a new template based on the 'path_info' template set.
ALLOW_PROFILE_IMAGE 65536 Whether or not to allow users to enter a URL to an image in their profile that will be displayed on the user info page for that user. The danger of this feature is that the user could potentially link to a page other then an image and some browsers like Internet Explorer will parse that page executing any potentially hostile Javascript that may be present.
NEW_ACCOUNT_NOTIFY 131072 This setting will only be used if you have chosen to manually approve all new registrations. If enabled, then everytime a new user is registered all forum administrators will receive a notification via e-mail.
MODERATED_POST_NOTIFY 262144 Notify forum moderators via e-mail when a new message is posted in a forum where a message must first be approved by the moderator before shown to the rest of the visitors.
BUST_A_PUNK 524288 When a user is banned set a special cookie that will try to make sure that this user remains banned.
SHOW_XML_LINK 1048576 Whether or not to show a syndication link, linking to help on how get XML/RDF feeds of forum's data.
SHOW_PDF_LINK 2097152 Whether or not to show a link allowing users to generate a printable PDF of the page they are viewing.
DWLND_REF_CHK 4194304 Check HTTP_REFERER of users before allowing users to download file attachments. If enabled, users who's HTTP_REFERER does not contain WWW_ROOT will be prevented from downloading the attachments.
FILE_LOCK 8388608 Whether or not to use secure file permissions (0600/0700).
RDF_ENABLED 16777216 Whether to allow RDF/XML feeds of the forum's data.
RDF_AUTH 33554432 Whether or not to perform permission checks to determine if the user has access the requested data.
RDF_ALLOW_USER_DATA 67108864 Whether or not to allow user profile data to be fetched via RDF.
PDF_ENABLED 134217728 Whether or not to enable PDF output.
PDF_ALLOW_FULL 268435456 Whether or not to allow users to generate a PDF containing ALL the messages in a particular forum.
SHOW_REPL_LNK 536870912 Whether or not to show a link (beside the message subject) to the message that the current message is a reply to.
ALLOW_EMAIL 1073741824 Enable/disable the forum's built-in email client.


Option Value Description
SESSION_COOKIES 1 Make the cookie last only for as long as the browser window is open. If a security is a major concern, turn this option on.
DISABLE_TREE_MSG 2 Disable the threaded view of the contents for a single topic.
ENABLE_REFERRER_CHECK 4 Always check to make sure that the referring URL is on the same domain as the forum.
NNTP_OBFUSCATE_EMAIL 8 Whether or not to obfuscate user e-mails when sending e-mails from FUDforum to newsgroups.
SESSION_IP_CHECK 16 Whether or not to validate session's against user IP While this may increase security it will cause annoyances for users who's IP address frequently changes as they will need to re-login each time their IP changes.
HIDE_PROFILES_FROM_ANON 32 If enabled, anonymous and unconfirmed forum members will not be able to view profiles of registered users.
SMART_EMAIL_NOTIFICATION 64 Enable 'smart' e-mail notification mechanism that would only notify users if they read previous notification. This prevents filling up of the user's mailbox with notifications if they are not reading them.
DISABLE_TURING_TEST 128 If disabled users will not need to complete a turing test intended to prevent automated account creation bots. Captcha test involves identifying a series of random letters that are displayed in ASCII form.
DISABLE_AUTOCOMPLETE 256 If disabled the browser will not attempt to 'remember' the values for the login form.
NNTP_MIME_POSTS 512 Format forum messages as MIME encoded posts before sending them to a newsgroup. If disabled, messages will be UUencoded. Was APACHE_PUTENV prior to FUDforum 3.0.2.
EDIT_AFTER_REPLY 1024 If enabled, users will be able to edit their own posts, even after someone replied to it. Disable to prevent users from changing questions that are already answered.
DISABLE_WELCOME_EMAIL 2048 If enabled the forum will no longer send welcome e-mails when new users register.
USE_TEMP_TABLES 4096 Use temporary SQL tables to optimize some operations (dependent on the ability to create temp tables).
USE_ANON_TURING 8192 When anonymous users post messages perform captcha test.
FORUM_NOTIFY_ALL 16384 If enabled, subscribers to a forum will receive notifications about every new message in the forum, rather then just new topics in the forum.
DB_MESSAGE_STORAGE 32768 If enabled, regular and private messages will be stored inside a database. This is not recommended for performance reasons!
DISABLE_ANON_CACHE 65536 Disable sending of page-cache headers to anonymous users, this may solve extended caching by browsers non-complaint with web specs.
NO_ANON_ACTION_LIST 131072 Disable displaying of the action list to the anonymous users.
NO_ANON_WHO_ONLINE 262144 Disable displaying of who's online to the anonymous users.
ENABLE_GEO_LOCATION 524288 Enable country identifier flags beside each message poster, requires import of Geolocation database, see the Geolocation Management control panel for more details.
DISABLE_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL 1048576 Disable the system for sending e-mail notification pertaining to new messages and topics being posted to the forums regardless of the user's settings.
UPDATE_GEOLOC_ON_LOGIN 2097152 If enabled then user's country (name and flag) will be updated each time they login. This option depends on Geo Location being enabled.
PLUGINS_ENABLED 4194304 Enable/disable forum plugins. Plugins are typically created by third-party developers to extended the default capabilities of FUDforum. Introduced in 2.8.1.
QUICK_REPLY_ENABLED 8388608 Enable/disable the forum's quick reply feature. Introduced in 3.0.0.
QUICK_REPLY_DISPLAY 16777216 Quick reply display mode: collapsed or expanded. Introduced in 3.0.0.
GRAPHICAL_TURING 33554432 Use a graphical captcha instead of a text captcha (only if your PHP has GD support). Introduced in 3.0.0.
THREAD_DUP_CHECK 67108864 Check to ensure users do no post duplicate topics. Introduced in 3.0.0.
CALENDAR_ENABLED 134217728 Enable/disable the forum's calendar. Introduced in 3.0.1.
CALENDAR_SHOW_BIRTHDAYS 268435456 Show birthdays on the forum's calendar. Introduced in 3.0.2.
FORUM_DEBUG 536870912 Detailed logging.
FORUM_DEBUG 1073741824 Full debug mode.


Option Value Description
ALLOW_LOGIN_CHANGE 1 Allow users to change their own logins. Disable if you authenticate users externally (i.e. via a plugin). Introduced in 3.0.2.
ALLOW_PASSWORD_RESET 2 Allow users to reset their own passwords. Introduced in 3.0.2.
KARMA 4 Enable karma / user reputation system. If enabled, member can upvote or downvote other members.


Say, for example, your forum is disabled and you want to enable it manually from the GLOBALS.php config file:

FORUM_ENABLED is represented in $FUD_OPT_1 with a bit value of 1 (looked up from the above tables).

Now, if your currently have $FUD_OPT_1 = 1741616318, you need to change it to 1741616319 to enable your forum.

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