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FUDforum currently doesn't support CUBRID, but we are looking into the possibility of supporting it in a future release, maybe as soon as FUDforum 3.0.4.

Support will be based on the native "CUBRID" driver for PHP (PDO_CUBRID may be added later)!




The first step, before we install FUDforum, is to download and install CUBRID and the CUBRID Manager.

Once CUBRID is installed, start the CUBRID Manager:

  • On Linux, run: $ cubridmanager
  • On Windows: Start from menu or the CUBRID Service icon in your system tray (CUBRID Service > Tools > CUBRID Manager).

Connect to the host (right click on localhost). The default userid/password is "admin/admin". You will be asked to change the password right away.

Create a new database by right clicking on [Databases] -> [Create Database]. Enter the database name, say "fuddb" and click on [Next] a couple of times, enter a password and complete the process.

Log in to your database by clicking on it. Use the default "dba" user and password you've entered above.

Now, create a user for your database by right clicking on [Users] > [Create User]. For demonstration purposes, we will make it fuduser/fudpass. Whatever you choose, write it down as we will use this user/password for the FUDforum installation.

PHP driver

Lastly, install the PHP driver provided on the CUBRID site into the directory where PHP is located on your system. When done, restart your web server (Apache).

Install FUDforum

When prompted for database details, select CUBRID from the list of supported databases. Enter your database user name and password (fuduser/fudpass). Enter the database name (fuddb) and click [Next].

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