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Info Symbol NOTE: This is the first version of the calendar. Please be aware of the following limitations (will be corrected in subsequent releases):
  • Only admins can define new events.
  • The calendar cannot display member's birthdays.

The Calendar Manager admin control panel can be used to enable, disable and add events to the forum's calendar. This control panel was introduced with FUDforum 3.0.1.



Calendar Enabled

Enable or disable the forum's built-in calendar.

Show Birthdays on Calendar

Show forum member's birthdays on the built-in calendar. This was introduced with FUDforum 3.0.2.

Add/Edit New Event


Enter a 4 digit year or enter '*' for every year (recurring event).


Enter a 2 digit month or enter '*' for every month (recurring event).


Enter the day of the month.


Enter the description that will appear in the calendar.

Link to

Enter a URL to more info about the event (optional).

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