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===Parent category===
===Parent category===
Make this category a child of another category.
Make this category a child of another category to create a hierarchy of categories.
===Insert position===
===Insert position===

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The first control panel you see when you click on the Category and Forum Management link is the Category Manager. Click on "Edit Forums" to head over to the Forum Manager. This control panel allows you to create, edit, remove and reposition the categories of your forum.


Add/ edit category

At the top of the page is a form that will allow you to add a new category. When you are editing a category, the form's values will be filled up with the category's properties allowing you to edit them.

Category Name

The name of the category.


Description of the category, this text will appear adjacent to the category name.

Info Symbol NOTE: You can put raw HTML into this field.


Whether or not the users collapse this category on the front page. Note the expand (+) and collapse (-) buttons in front of category names.

Default view

Control the default appearance of this category on the front page. Available choices:

  • open (uncollapsed)
  • collapsed
  • compact

Note that the forum will "remember" users' previous settings. For example, if you collapse a category, it will remain collapsed for your session until you open it.

Parent category

Make this category a child of another category to create a hierarchy of categories.

Insert position

Where to insert the category, below or on top of all the other categories in the forum.

Below the form there is a list of all the existing categories in the forum. This list contains links that allow you to edit the category, delete the category, change its position in the category list and edit the forums inside this category.

Available categories

A list of categories is presented at the bottom of the page with the following controls next to each of them:

Edit Forums

When you click on this link you will be taken to a forum management page, allowing you to manage the forums assigned to this category.

Info Symbol WARNING: Empty categories without forums won't appear in the forum's index page.

Edit Category

Edit the category options and properties.


Clicking this link will delete the category and all of the forums assigned to it.

Change Position

Clicking on the change link will allow you to change the order in which this category is displayed on the forum's pages.

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