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Info Symbol NOTE: Internally, this function uses preg_match() to evaluate the regular expression. One can use a standard Negative Look Ahead regex to only allow certain E-mail addresses and block all others.

The E-mail Filter admin control panel allows the administrator to block people with a matching E-mail address from posting messages on the forum. It would also prevent people who's E-mail matches the filter, from registering on the forum.


Block E-mail addresses

Simple Expression

Use this filter if you want to block a specific E-mail address. Ex.


Regular Expression

Use this filter if you want to use regular expression masks to match the E-mail addresses. This is very useful if you want to block all people from a certain ISP. Ex. .*@aol\.com filter would block all people who's E-mail address ends with @aol.com

Only allow certain E-Mail addresses

The regular expression filter can also be used to block all E-mail addresses, except those containing some sort of a special string or coming from a particular domain.

For example, to allow gMail users access, but block all others, enter:


Let take this situation for example: you need to set-up a forum that would only allow registrations of students and staff of a university. There is a slight complication however, while each student has an E-mail address @university.edu, the staff E-mail address vary between @staff.university.edu and @university.on.ca. Regular expression to the rescue, by using regular expression and FUDforum's special prefix '#' you can easily accomplish this tasks as the example below demonstrates.



By entering the code above, you will be able to restrict user registrations to people who's E-mail accounts are on the university.edu, staff.university.edu or university.on.ca domains.

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