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The purpose of the Email Obfuscate plugin is to prevent the scraping of email addresses from your forum by spammers. It does this by replacing the @ sign with a string you specify (e.g. "at"), any "."s in the address with a string you specify (e.g. dot), and surrounding those two strings with a random string to make it even harder. The random string is (by default) random in length as well, but can be specified to be a length of 0 (no random string) to 3 characters in length.

Example: becomes curtis<randomstring>AT<randomstring>info<randomstring>DOT<randomstring>com, where <randomstring> is a random string of characters from 1-3 characters login.

Install and activate the plugin, then choose your @ sign value, your "." value, and the length of your string.

Voila! All email addresses will be obfuscated when viewed (except when creating or editing a post).

This plugin can be downloaded [here]

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