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FUDforum2Go is a pre-installed, self-contained and compact version of FUDforum that can run from a USB stick or CD-Rom.

Steps to build

Users can simply download the latest FUDforum2Go package, the below instructions are for advanced users:

  • Download Server2Go from http://www.server2go-web.de/ and extract.
  • Rename Server2Go.exe to FUDforum2Go.exe
  • Edit "pms_config.ini" and change ServerName=Server2Go to ServerName=FUDforum2Go.
  • Edit server\config_tpl\php.ini and change memory_limit = 8M to memory_limit = 32M
  • Delete all subdirectories except htdocs and 'server.
  • Delete all files except autorun.inf, splash.png, FUDforum2Go.exe and pms_config.ini
  • Delete all files from the htdocs directory
  • Copy FUDforum's install.php to htdocs
  • Start FUDforum2GO.exe and navigate to and install.
  • Shutdown, edit htdocs/include/GLOBALS.php and prefix all paths with $_ENV["S2G_SERVER_DOCROOT"]

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