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FUDforum 3.0.0 was released on 31 October 2009 and is the latest stable version of FUDforum.


New requirements

PHP4 is no longer supported (you've been warned). The new system requirements to run FUDforum are:

  • PHP 5.1 or higher
  • MySQL 4.1+ or PostgreSQL 8.1+ or SQLite 3.x+ (pick one)

Upgrade path

Note that any version 2 release of FUDforum can be upgraded to version 3.0.0 (no intermediate steps).

All sites running older versions are urged to upgrade to version 3.0.0 ASAP. Users on older releases will not be able to upgrade to FUDforum 3.0.1 and will have to upgrade to this release before they will be able to upgrade to subsequent releases.

Interface changes

  • A new Quick Reply editor was added with full BBcode and smiley support.
  • ATOM and RSS2 syndication was added (in addition to the exiting RDF feed format).
  • Quotes are now rendered with a quote icon and semantically correct cite and blockquote tags. Nested quotes are rendered in different colors.
  • Code blocks are rendered with "Select all" and "Show/ hide" controls.
  • Support for graphical captchas and captcha plugins (to define more advanced or site specific captchas).
  • The welcome message now includes an avatar and 5-star rating.
  • FUDcode was renamed to BBcode.
  • The default forum header now contains a forum description.
  • The "generate printable PDF" link was replaced with a PDF icon.
  • Twitter integration and layout changes for social networking sites.
  • Improve visual display of redirect forums (JanRei).
  • Make every "subject" a link and improve "reply to linking"
  • Two new themes - forestgreen and slateblue.

New administration features

  • Ability to specify a minimum message length to prevent users from posting empty or very short messages.
  • Ability to check for and block creation of duplicate topics.
  • Improved plugin support - including on-line configuration and help call-outs. The PREREGISTRATION hook was changed and new default plugins were added.
  • Process MIME encoded attachments while importing USENET posts.
  • Administrators can now load (or aggregate) XML feeds into the forum.
  • Allow importing of mailing list messages from POP3 and IMAP mailboxes.
  • SMTP TLS support (one can now, for example, send forum messages through GMail).
  • New 'Lock/unlock All Selected' button on the topic listing page.
  • Global settings were re-ordered and indexed in the Admin Control Panel.
  • The message compactor can now also change the character set of private messages.
  • Many other Admin Control Panel improvements (too many to mention them all here).
  • Support Command Line execution of selected ACP utilities (for example: command line upgrades and restores).

Internationalization improvements

  • Administrators can import the latest forum translations directly from TranslateWiki.
  • English messages were removed from all translations (English is now used in the fall-back chain).
  • Remove redundant 'charset' files - inherit them from english.
  • Improved locale selection (try to always pick a UTF-8 locale).
  • Right to left interface for languages like Arabi.
  • Support language-specific plural messages. For example "1 Vote" and "2 Votes" instead of "1 Vote(s)"; and "Moderator:" or "Moderators:" instead of "Moderator(s):".
  • Message files can now contain comments (mainly to credit translators).
  • Single quotes in messages files are now encoded to prevent them from breaking our themes.
  • Message editor can now also add messages to message files.
  • A new "Help/ FAQ Editor" Admin Control Panel was added.
  • Updates to French (by rflores), German (by zwickyy) and Russian (George Nechaev) messages (prior to TranslateWiki migration).
  • New languages added (not all 100% completed):
    • Breton / Brezhoneg
    • Galician / Galego
    • Occitan / Occitan
    • Swiss German / Alemannisch
    • Greek / Ελληνικά
    • Arabic / العربية
    • Esperanto / Esperanto
    • Hungarian / Magyar
    • Upper Sorbian / Hornjoserbsce

Database changes

  • Upgrade script now supports upgrading of SQLite databases.
  • The installer now supports the MySQLi (MySQL Improved) database driver (including persistent and socket connections).
  • The command line installer now supports automated MySQLi and PDO database installations.
  • Optimize queries for the forum's XML Feed (faster).


  • Better IP-address detection (IPv6 compatible addresses will be accepted).
  • Preserve views and topic description when merging threads.
  • Restore plugin settings (changing global settings disabled the plug-in system).
  • Allow users to login after a theme was removed.
  • Tree View doesn't work in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Support hosts that disable the syslinks() function.
  • Copy the ".path_info" marker when a new template set is created.
  • The FUDAPI call, fud_fetch_newest_user() should return something.
  • Fix PHP warning when editing sparse themes.
  • Prevent display of a confusing '0' if no accounts are pending approval.
  • Force charset with AJAX get (tree view messed up non-English messages).
  • Unprintable chars after search abstracts (non-English forums).
  • Fix URL avatars.
  • Specify column list when selecting data to ensure we get it in the right order. This will fix several restore issues.
  • Uninstall script will now drop the forum's database tables.
  • Some mail sending fixes.
  • Fixed column name in FUDAPI (descr->tdescr).
  • Many more as can be seen from the change log.


The following users have helped with this release:

  • Ilia Alshanetsky for tagging and releasing the code as well as hosting the wiki and support site.
  • Niklas Laxström for extending Mediawiki's Translate plugin to support FUDforum's messages.
  • Siebrand Mazeland for helping me and the other FUDforum localizers on TranslateWiki.
  • JamesS for originally developing the Quick Reply feature.
  • J Carter for the ability to import MINE encoded USENET attachments.
  • Jan Reininghaus (janray) for various fixes and layout updates.
  • The Witcher for helping to create localized forum buttons and hosting the fudforumguild download site.
  • George Nechaev, rflores, zwickyy and all TranslateWiki's localizers for various translation updates.

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