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This is the documentation for the some of the classes used by FUDforum and explanation of what they do.


fud_user class

This class is used to retrieve the user information as well to update some of the more common user data variables such as post counts, etc.

fud_user class variables

id (int) User account id
login (int) Login name
passwd (char 32) Password, MD5
plaintext_passwd (char) Password, plain text (only used during regisration)
name (char) "Real" name
email (char) E-mail
location (char) Location
occupation (char) Occupation
interests (char) Interests
display_email (ENUM Y/N) Whether to hide or show user's email
notify (ENUM Y/N) Whether to select reply notification by default
notify_method (ENUM ICQ/EMAIL) How to send notifications, ICQ or E-mail
email_messages (ENUM Y/N) Whether or not other forum members can use the forum's built it mailer to send this user emails.
gender (ENUM MALE/FEMALE) Gender
icq (long) ICQ uin
aim (char) AIM id
yahoo (char) Yahoo id
msnm (char) MSN Messanger id
jabber (char) Jabber id
avatar (int) Id of the avatar if user's avatar is from the forum's avatar gallery
avatar_loc (char) URL of the avatar for remote avatars
avatar_approved (ENUM(Y/N/NO) Whether the user has an avatar is if has been approved. "NO" means no avatar
append_sig (ENUM Y/N) Whether or not to append the signature by default to every message posted
show_sigs (ENUM Y/N) Whether or not to show other people's signatures when viewing messages
show_avatars (ENUM Y/N) Whether or not to show other people's avatars
posts_ppg (int) How many messages to display per page
time_zone (char) The timezone identification string of thise user's timestamp
invisible_mode (ENUM Y/N) Whether or not to show the user on the online list, actions list
ignore_admin (ENUM Y/N) Whether to accept or decline mass emails sent by the admin
bday (int) Birthday in YYYYMMDD format
blocked (ENUM Y/N) Shows if the user has been banned or not.
home_page (char) Homepage URL
sig (char) Signature
bio (char) Biography
posted_msg_count (int) Number of messages posted by this user
last_visit (int) The UNIX timestamp of when the user has last visited the forum
email_conf (ENUM Y/N) Whether or not this account has been confirmed
conf_key (char) MD5 confirmation key
coppa (ENUM Y/N) Whether or not the owner of this account has been COPPA confirmed
user_image (char) URL to the user's image of choice
join_date (int) The UNIX timestamp of when the user has registered the forum
style (int) (internal)
last_read (int) The UNIX timestamp of the last message user had read
default_view (ENUM TREE/MSG) What is the user's default message view
is_mod (ENUM Y/N/A) Whether this is a regular user (N), moderators (Y) or an admin (A)
level_id (int) The id of the level, which is based on post count, the user belongs to.
u_last_post_id (int) The id of the last post made by this user

fud_user class functions


Retrieves a user based on a passed user id:

int get_user_by_id( int user_id )

Retrieves a user based on a passed user id, the user settings will be imported into the class.

Returns user_id on success, NULL on failure.


Sets the user's post count:

void set_post_count( int msg_count, int u_last_post_id )

The function will increase or decrease the user's post count based on the value passed by msg_count. The function will also re-calculate the id the message last message posted by the user if u_last_post_id is empty.


Mark topic as read:

void register_thread_view( int thread_id, int msg_id )

This function will mark a topic read by inserting or updating an entry inside the read table. If a msg_id is passed only messages up until msg_id will be marked read.


Mark forum as read:

void register_forum_view( int forum_id )

This function will mark a forum read.


Mark all messages read:

void mark_all_read ( )

This function will mark all messages read.


This function is deprecated and will be removed from future releases. For FUDforum 3.0.3 and higher, please use add() instead.


Adds a new user:

int add ( )

This function will create a new user based on the information stored inside the class.

Returns the id of the created user.


Retrieves a user based on user login:

int get_user_by_login( char user_login )

This function will retrieve a user based on the provided user_login.

Returns user object on success, NULL on failure.

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