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Description of FUDforum table fud30_thread. This table contains the forum's topics.


Column Name Datatype Can be Null? Key? Default Description
id int(11) NO PRI auto_increment
forum_id int(11) NO MUL 0 References fud30_forum.id.
root_msg_id int(11) NO MUL 0 References fud30_msg.id.
last_post_date bigint(20) NO 0 Date/time of last message posted.
replies int(11) NO MUL 0 Number of replies.
views int(11) NO 0 Number of views.
rating int(11) NO 0 Topic's rating (average).
n_rating int(11) NO 0 Number of users who rated this topic.
last_post_id int(11) NO 0 References fud30_msg.id.
moved_to int(11) NO 0 References fud30_forum.id.
orderexpiry bigint(20) NO 0
thread_opt int(11) NO MUL 0 Thread options (see below).
tdescr varchar(200) YES Topic description.


Index Name Uniqueness Column Name Seq in index Comments
fud30_thread_i_flm NOT UNIQUE forum_id 1
fud30_thread_i_flm NOT UNIQUE moved_to 2
fud30_thread_i_t NOT UNIQUE thread_opt 1
fud30_thread_i_rmi NOT UNIQUE root_msg_id 1
fud30_thread_i_r NOT UNIQUE replies 1


  • 1 = locked
  • 2 = is_sticky ANNOUNCE
  • 4 = is_sticky STICKY
  • 8 = important (always on top)
  • ordertype (removed)
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