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The Geolocation Management admin control panel allows administrators to upload a CSV database containing the IP-range to country associations required by FUDforum's geolocation feature.


Uploading the geolocation database

Database Format

Choose the geolocation database type: GeoIP or IP-To-Country.

Data File

The name of the CVS file to upload.

You need to download this file from one of the following locations before uploading it to your forum:

Info Symbol WARNING: The import process usually takes a few minutes, depending on the file size.

Possible Error Messages and solutions:

Error: “File upload failed! Please check that file_uploads is enabled in your php.ini file and ensure that the upload_max_filesize setting is bigger than the file's size”

Solution: Ask your hosting provider to increase the upload_max_filesize setting in php.ini.

Note: I encountered this problem twice, and in both instances my hosts support team resolved the problem in minutes, but they did need to know the size of the file I was attempting to upload, which in the case of Geo-IP is +- 3.72MB.

Rebuilding caches

When enabling geolocation functionality on an existing forum, it is recommended that the user and message location caches are rebuilt. Without them, old messages will not have a flag appearing beside them. Please note that this is a SLOW process, which may take a few hours on a large forum.

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