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(CIA bot is no more.)
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  ~FAQ is <reply> $who, the FAQ is available at
  ~FAQ is <reply> $who, the FAQ is available at
The CIA bot is used to announce [[SVN]] code changes on the IRC channel. For details, see
==External links==
==External links==

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Tip Symbol TIP: Come join us in the chat room. Don't just pop in and then leave. We might just be away for a bit.

FUDforum's IRC chat channel is #FUDforum on User can use this channel to ask questions and coordinate activities. Source code commits to FUDforum's code base will also be announced to this channel.

Some useful IRC commands

Join the IRC channel:

/join #FUDforum

To set the topic within the IRC channel:

/topic #FUDforum FUDforum 3.x.x is now available for download.
/topic #FUDforum Please visit our support forum @ and wiki @


Infobot is used to archive all IRC conversations to This is handy if you need to catch-up on discussions that happened when you were off-line.

Users can also interact with the infobot on the channel. To address the bot, start your command with a "~" or "infobot, ". The bot's manual is available at Some example commands to get you started:

Get bot's status:


Teach the bot something:

~FUDforum is a super fast and scalable discussion forum that is highly customizable and supports unlimited members, forums, posts, topics, polls, attachments, etc.

Ask the bot to recall something:

~what is FUDforum (or just ~FUDforum?)

Define URL to the FAQ:

~FAQ is <reply> $who, the FAQ is available at

External links

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