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The Rank Manager allows the administrator to define user ranks that will be assigned to users once they reach a certain number of posts. This control panel allows the administrator to define those ranks.

Each rank is normally a text string, however the administrator may choose to have the rank represented by an image or a combination of an image and text.


Add/ Edit Ranks

Rank Name

This field contains the text that would be displayed beside the names of all the forum users who have attained this rank.

Info Symbol NOTE: This field may contain raw HTML or an empty (null) value.

Rank Image

If you wish the rank to be represented by an image enter the name of the image inside this textbox. The images that you wish to use in combination with rank's should be placed inside the forum's images directory, which can be found inside WWW_ROOT.

Which Image to Show

If you have chosen to have rank represented by an image, you may give this image preference over the user's avatar, that way only 1 image is displayed, or vice versa. You may also choose that both the avatar and the rank image will be displayed.

Post Count

The minimum number of posts the user must make before they achieve this rank.

Defined ranks

Below the rank editor form, there is a list of all the current ranks in the forum. You may choose to edit or delete the ranks by clicking on the appropriate link beside each rank.

Important Symbol IMPORTANT: After making any modifications you MUST run the 'Cache Rebuilder' by clicking on the link at the top of the Rank Manager form.
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