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Riddleaptcha.plugin is a plugin that presents users with simple questions (like a riddle to solve or a registration code) instead of FUDforum's default CAPTCHA challenge.



None, this plugin can be uploaded and activated as-is on any forum (FUDforum 3.0.0 or higher).


If enabled, users will see a riddlecaptcha when trying to register or when posting anonymously.


File riddlecaptcha.plugin:

// Initialize plugin.
plugin_add_hook('CAPTCHA', 'plugin_riddlecaptcha');

// Implement a simple riddle CAPTCHA.
function plugin_riddlecaptcha() {
	$riddles = array(
		array('Are you a spammer? (yes or no)', 'NO'),
		array('Are you human? (yes or no)', 'YES'),
		array('Do you hate spam? (yes or no)', 'YES'),
		array('Do you solve captchas for money? (yes or no)', 'NO'),
		array('Fire is... (hot or cold)', 'HOT'),
		array('Ice is... (hot or cold)', 'COLD'),
		array('Enter the value of ten plus six', '16'),
		array('Enter the value of 5 plus seven', '12'),
		array('Please type the second word in this sentence.', 'TYPE'),
		array('What word is fourth in this sentence?', 'FOURTH')

	return $riddles[ array_rand($riddles) ];

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