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The following professional services are provided to FUDforum users:


Installation & Upgrade

If you are unfamiliar with PHP/MySQL and other server configuration parameters, you may want to have one of our technicians to setup or upgrade your forum to the latest version. We will install your forum software and if there are problems with your server configuration, such as PHP config, will suggest remedies to those problem. As part of our premium service, which includes PHP,Apache & MySQL setup, our technicians will setup all of the software need to run a FUDforum.

If you are upgrading from an older versions, as part of our upgrade process all of your forum data will be imported to the new version.

The pricing for these services are as follows:

  • First time FUDforum Installation: - $150
  • FUDforum Upgrade to latest version: - $150
  • Premium Installation Service: - $450

For more information about our installation service, please post a request on the support forum.

Dedicated Support

If you are interested in having dedicated support service you may be interested in acquiring one of the support contracts that we offer. As part of our support service, we would provide you with business-day email and telephone support as well, if you are interested in a 24 hour turn-around support, you may wish to inquire about our rapid support service. As part of our support service we will help you resolve the problems that you may come across while using FUDforum as well as inform you of latest releases & security patches for your FUDforum.

Support services pricing: annual contact

  • Basic Support: - $299
  • Premium Support: - $499

For more information about our installation service, please post a request on the support forum.

FUDforum Hosting

We offer highly competitive rates for hosting FUDforum on our servers, which are highly optimized to run FUDforum software. Our servers have bandwidth optimizing software, Gzip compression, that will reduce your bandwidth usage up to 60% as well as make you pages load much faster, which will save you bundle in hosting fees. We also use various PHP patches that greatly accelerate the speed of PHP, which in turn, will make your FUDforum run much faster. Our service also includes daily backups so your all your forum data and configuration. As part of the service you will also receive the basic support contract, which will allow you to get quick support from our technicians.

The pricing for the hosting services is based on your usage.

For additional fee you may also request the automatic-upgrade process, which would mean that any time a new STABLE version of FUDforum is releases your forum will be upgraded to that release within a 1 week period.

The prices begin at $59 per month.

For more information and pricing about our FUDforum hosting services, please contact or post a request on the support forum.

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