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Important Symbol IMPORTANT: Spider support is experimental and should not be enabled on production sites.

The Spider Manager admin control panel allows administrators to define and auto-login or block the spiders, bots and crawlers that are typically used by search engines to index your site.

This control panel was introduced with FUDforum release 3.0.3.


Add/ Edit Spider

Bot name

A user defined name for the spider. For example: Google, Bing, Yahoo!. You will see it in the following lists: Logged in users list, Today's Visitors and Action log (iSpy system).


Spider's useragent string (partial matches are accepted). For example, the Google search indexer has "Googlebot" in its user-agent, so you would enter it here to identify when Google crawls your board. Other examples: msnbot, Slurp.

IP Addresses

Comma separated list of IP Addresses used by the spider. Can be left empty if identification by useragent is sufficient.


What theme (layout & language) should the spider see when it visits your site. Use the forum's Theme Manager to define additional themes.


Action to take if this bot visits your site. Available options:

  • Ignore it
  • Auto-login
  • Block access

Defined spiders

All defined spiders are listed at the bottom of the control panel. You may choose to edit or delete spiders by clicking on the appropriate link beside each spider.

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