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Info Symbol NOTE: Please note that new pages will not automatically appear on the menu. To make pages visible, create a redirect forum (see Forum Manager) or edit your templates to insert the link to the page.

The Static Page Manager admin control panel allows administrators to define content pages, for example, to quickly add a "Contacts" or "About Us" page.

The Static Page Manager was introduced with FUDforum release 3.0.3.


Add/ edit pages

Page title

Title of the static forum page.

Page body

Enter the text or HTML code to display on the page.

Page slug

The page slug is used in the URL of the page. The slug should typically short and all lower-case.

(When finished click the defined page’s name from the "Defined pages" list, below to obtain the completed URL to your desired page)


Is the page visible on your site?

Execute PHP

Execute embedded PHP code?

Defined pages

All defined pages are listed at the bottom of the control panel. You may choose to edit or delete pages by clicking on the appropriate link beside each page. To visit your newly created page, click on it's name.

Adding a page to your forum's templates

Once you have the URL of your new page, it can be easily integrated into your forum. For example, to add it to the footer, navigate to the Template Editor -> select your Template Set & Language and click "Edit" -> expand "[ + ] footer.tmpl" -> click on "footer" -> add the link.

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