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FUDforum's official support policy is that free support will only be provided to users that are running on the latest release of the software, or that are busy upgrading to the latest version.

Should you come across a bug inside FUDforum or a typo in the documentation please take a moment of your time and report it to the development team via our Support Forum.

Bug Information

To ensure that your bug is solved quickly please include as much information as possible about the bug itself as well as your system configuration. Also, check on the Support Forum if any similar bugs were already posted and if a solution is already available in the later release or in the SVN.

Please include any warning and error messages that occurred as the result of bug. If you had not received any such messages, please verify you php configuration to see that such errors would be displayed. This can be done make making sure that display_errors option is turn on and your error_reporting option is set to E_ALL^E_NOTICE (2039) or greater.

If the bug results in broken functionality please clearly explain the problem caused by the bug.

You should always include the URL of the page where the bug had occurred even if the URL is not accessible via the Internet. The URL would let us know which page caused the problem and what variables may have been responsible for the problem you've experienced.

System Information

A good bug report should also include information about the system on which the bug had occurred. The optimal way to get this information is by including the output of PHP's phpinfo() function in your bug report by making a small test script like this:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

If you cannot send us the phpinfo() output, please include the information shown by the System Info admin form as well as information about your browser.

General Guidelines

  • Please create separate topics for separate issues. Please do not hijack discussions and please do not report unrelated issues in a single message!
  • Always include a test case when reporting a bug. A test case should at least contain an input description, the test sequence, and a description of the expected behaviour.
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