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Command line backup:

mysqldump --opt --quote-names -u fuduser -pxxx fuddb >db.dump
gzip db.dump
tar -jcvf data.tar.bz2 /var/www/forum/ >data.log 2>&1
tar -jcvf html.tar.bz2 /var/www/html/forum/ >html.log 2>&1



  • New "Lo-fi" theme for mobile phone users
  • Replace "Contact" e-mail from footer.tmpl and replace it with a contact form.
  • Raise error rather than just die() in
  • WYSIWYG Editor - develop or integrate a Rich Text Editor into FUDforum.
  • Add XSLT for web browsers that don't have RSS support built in.
  • User Reputation System - rate individual poster's helpfulness and contribution to the community.
  • RDFa support. See intro at
  • Look at OAuth & OEmbed

Backup Wiki pages

To backup this WIKI with all it's pages to your PC, navigate to

Click "Export" and save the resulting file to your PC.

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License This product is protected under the GNU General Public License (GPL). For full details on this license and the rights it grants to you, the user of this software, and to us, the developers, please see the file COPYING that is distributed with this software. Also, for more information on the GPL and the Free Software Foundation visit or

FUDforum Installation

There are two ways to install the forum, you should choose the one most convenient for you.

Shell Installation
If you have shell access you might choose to install the forum via the shell, for this you simply have to run the provided install script. The script will ask you a series of questions and then install the forum.

Web Installation
If you lack shell access or prefer to work with your web browser we have also provided a web installation script. If you lack shell access you will have to decompress the forum tarball on your computer (WinZip in windows can tackle .tar.gz files). After decompressing the file locally it should produce a forum_install directory. Using FTP upload this directory to your web server. To use the web installation script simply copy the install.php file into your web browseable directory and access it with your web browser. For example if your web browseable directory is then to access the installation script you must point your web browser to
Follow the instructions carefully and after you have finished DO NOT forget to delete the install.php from your web browseable directory otherwise anyone will be able to reconfigure your forum.

If you experience problems during install you can get help in our <a href="/forum/">support forums</a>, or contact us via <a href="">email</a>.

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