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Description of FUDforum table fud30_ses. This table is used to track users that are logged in to the forum.


Column Name Datatype Can be Null? Key? Default Description
id int(11) NO PRI auto_increment
ses_id varchar(32) NO UNI 0 FUDforum's session id.
sys_id varchar(32) NO 0 System id to prevent multi-host logins (if enabled).
user_id int(11) NO UNI 0 References fud30_users.id. Sessions > 2000000000 is anonymous users.
action text YES iSpy action. For example: Browsing the forum list, Reading the Help and Snooping on other people, just like you.
forum_id int(11) NO 0 References fud30_forum.id.
time_sec bigint(20) NO MUL 0 Time session was created or updated.
ip_addr varchar(46) YES IP Address.
useragent varchar(64) YES Browser user agent (was varchar(32) prior to 3.0.5).
data text YES Store session data. See ses_putvar().
returnto varchar(255) YES User must be returned to a specific page.


Index Name Uniqueness Column Name Seq in index Comments
fud30_ses_i_s UNIQUE ses_id 1
fud30_ses_i_u UNIQUE user_id 1
fud30_ses_i_tu NOT UNIQUE time_sec 1
fud30_ses_i_tu NOT UNIQUE user_id 2
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