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User authenticated from Forum DB. Note stats, online users and latest forum posts displayed as standard Drupal blocks.

Drupal is a popular content management system. A special module is available for integrating Drupal with your forum.

Important Symbol IMPORTANT: Please do not download and install this module unless you have a fully working FUDforum installation.



The following (all optional) blocks are provided to integrate your forum with your drupal site:

User login

Allow forum users to login to your Drupal site with their forum userids and passwords. If the user changes his/her forum profile, it will be synced back to the Drupal site next time he/she logs in.

New forum posts

Display a list of the 10 latest forum messages.

Online forum users

Display a list of all on-line forum users.

Forum statistics

Display forum statistics including: number of users, threads, messages, newest member, etc.


This module assumes that FUDforum was configured to use PATH_INFO style URLs. See setting in FUDForum's Admin Control Panel. If not, you will have to change the URL format in the module code yourself.


Follow these steps to install the FUDforum module:

  • Copy fudforum.module to your modules directory (create a subdirectory .../modules/fudforum/)
  • Navigate to Administer » modules and enable the fudforum module.
  • Navigate to Administer » settings » fudforum and enter the path to FUDforum's GLOBALS.php file. Ensure that Drupal will be able to read this file.
  • Enable the blocks you want to use from Administer » blocks

Embedding into content pages

To embed the plugin's output into the content area of a page, edit the page and add:

 $content = module_invoke('fudforum', 'block', 'view', '1');
 print '<h2>' . $content['subject'] . '</h2>';
 print $content['content'];

Remember to change the input format to PHP code.

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