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FUDforum2Go is a pre-installed, self-contained and compact version of FUDforum that can run from a USB stick, CD-Rom or from any folder on a PC's hard disk. FUDforum2Go is great for new users who want to see how the software works; administrators who want to distribute their forums on USB or CD-ROM; and developers who want to test, translate and develop patches.



To run FUDforum2Go, one would need:

  • A Microsoft Windows PC with a hard disk, USB disk or CD-ROM.
  • WinZip or any other compatible unzip utility.

Download and extract

Click here to download the the +-20MB zip file from the SourceForge.net website and unzip it to any directory on your PC.


To start, click on the FUDforum2Go.exe executable. A web browser will start and FUDforum's first screen will load.

Log in with userid admin and password admin.

When done, simply close the browser window and everything will be cleanly shut down.

To make FUDforum2Go available on your network, edit the pms_config.ini file and change HostName= from to your system's IP address.

Steps to build

Users can simply download the latest FUDforum2Go package (see above) - the below instructions are for advanced users who want to build their own customized version of FUDforum2Go.

  • Download Server2Go from http://www.server2go-web.de/ and extract.
  • Rename Server2Go.exe to FUDforum2Go.exe
  • Edit "pms_config.ini" and change ServerName=Server2Go to ServerName=FUDforum2Go.
  • Delete all subdirectories except htdocs and server.
  • Delete all files except autorun.inf, splash.png, FUDforum2Go.exe and pms_config.ini
  • Delete all files from the htdocs directory
  • Copy FUDforum's install.php and fudforum_archive to htdocs
  • Start FUDforum2GO.exe and navigate to and install.
  • Shutdown; and edit all GLOBALS.php files to insert dynamic variables. For example, all paths should be prefixed with $_ENV["S2G_SERVER_DOCROOT"]:
$WWW_ROOT = $_ENV["S2G_BASE_URL"].'/'; 
$PHP_CLI = $_ENV["S2G_SERVER_APPROOT"].'server/php/php.exe';
$DBHOST = $_ENV["S2G_SERVER_DOCROOT"].'/forum.db.php';
$FILE_STORE     = $_ENV["S2G_SERVER_DOCROOT"].'/files/';
$INCLUDE = $_ENV["S2G_SERVER_DOCROOT"].'/include/';
$MSG_STORE_DIR = $_ENV["S2G_SERVER_DOCROOT"].'/messages/';
$TMP = $_ENV["S2G_SERVER_DOCROOT"].'/tmp/';
  • Delete the .htaccess file in htdocs (if not, you will get a blank page).
  • Reset counters:
UPDATE fud30_msg set update_stamp = 0, updated_by = 0 WHERE updated_by = (SELECT id FROM fud30_users where login = 'admin');
UPDATE fud30_users SET last_read = 0;
UPDATE fud30_thread SET views = 1;
DELETE FROM fud30_forum_read;
DELETE FROM fud30_read;
  • Zip-up and distribute.

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