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The File Filter admin control panel allows the administrator to specify which files types can be attached to forum messages. This is done by entering the allowed file extensions.

If no file extensions are listed then ANY file can be attached.

Info Symbol WARNING: For security reasons, administrators should always specify the file types allowed on their forums.

Some "safe" extensions you may want to consider adding:

File Extension Description
*.txt Plain text file
*.log Log File
*.xml XML File
*.htm & *.html Hypertext Markup Language File
*.sql Structured Query Language file
*.pdf Portable Document Format File
*.doc Microsoft Word Document file
*.docx Microsoft Word Open XML Document file
*.xls Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
*.csv Comma Separated Values File
*.jpg & *.jpeg JPEG Image File
*.gif Graphical Interchange Format File
*.png Portable Network Graphic

Avoid adding file types that can harm your system or be used to distribute viruses, including:

File Extension Description
*.exe & *.com Windows executable
*.bat Windows batch file
*.msi Windows Installer File
*.scr Windows Screen Saver
.vbs VBScript Script File, Visual Basic for Applications Script
*.js Javascript file

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