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The Forum Dashboard is the first screen of the Admin Control Panel. It is used to welcome administrators, display critical warnings (for example, if an install or upgrade script wasn't removed) and to present an overview of the forum (versions, statistics, etc.). The Forum Dashboard was introduced with FUDforum 2.8.1.

From the dashboard, administrators can navigate to the various control panels to configure their forums (links in left sidebar). To return to the dashboard, click on the FUDforum logo in the top left corner on screen.

Context sensitise help is available by clicking on the Help link at the bottom of each page. This link will direct you to the correct Wiki page with relevant information about the control panel you have opened.

To return to your forum, click on the Return to forum link in the right top corner of the browser window.

Reset the 'most online users' counter

Click on this button to reset the 'most online users' statistic of your forum to the number of users currently logged on.

Clear ALL Forum Sessions

Remove all forums sessions (clear the forum's fud30_ses table). After clicking on this button all forum users (you included), will have to log in again.

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