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The Forum Management admin control panel allows the administrator to manage forums that are assigned to a particular category. This includes adding/removing controls, ability to move a forum to a different category, as well as changing the display order of the forum.


Create/ edit forum

The first item on the Forum Manager page is a form that allows the administrator to add and edit forums. When a forum is being edited the forum's settings will be pulled into the form for ease of editing.

Forum Name

The name of the forum.


Forum's description, this text will be shown right below the forum name.

Info Symbol NOTE: The description can contain raw HTML.

External redirect

Enter a URL if this is a virtual or redirect forum that points to a different internal or external location. This field should normally be left empty. This feature was introduced with FUDforum release 2.8.1.

Info Symbol NOTE: If the forum already contains messages, they will be "hidden" (not removed) and will re-appear if the URL is removed. Handy if you need to "take a forum down" for maintenance.

Tag Style

What kind of text formatting tools are available to the user.

  • BBcode Users can use BBcode (FUDcode) styling tags to format their messages.
  • HTML The users can use HTML inside their messages.
  • NONE only plain text is allowed.

Password Posting

Whether or users will be required to enter a special password in order to be able to post messages inside this forum.

Posting Password

If you've specified that users must enter a password in order to post messages, you should enter the password inside this field.

Moderated Forum

If set to yes, any new message will need to be approved by the forum's moderator or an administrator before it becomes visible to the public.

Max Attachment Size

The maximum size, in kilobytes of the attached files users can attach to their messages.

Note: PHP has it's own limitation on the size of the file uploads, via the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size settings in php.ini. If the php.ini values are smaller than the value set in the forum, the php.ini value will be used to limit file uploads.

Max Number of file Attachments

The maximum number of files users can attach to their messages.

Can moderators bypass attachment limits

Will forum moderators be able to bypass attachment limits (see above - number of attachments and attachment size)? The default id "no".

Notify moderators of all new messages

Should forum moderators receive notifications of new messages posted to the form? The default id "no".

Message Threshold

Only the number of bytes of the messages inside this forum will be shown. For example, if you set this limit to 1000 bytes and a user entered a 1500 byte long message, only the 1st 1000 bytes of the message will be shown. To see the rest the message user will need to click on the 'Show the rest of the message' link.

Info Symbol NOTE: Setting this option to 0 means that unlimited message length is allowed, effectively disabling this feature.

Forum Icon

You can choose to have an icon displayed beside the forum. By clicking on the 'SELECT ICON' link you will be able to choose an icon for your forum.

You can upload additional forum icons in addition to the ones installed by default via the Forum Icon Manager.

Insert position

Where to insert the forum, below or on top of all the other forums in the category.

Below the forum editor a list of all the forums inside the category you are editing. Using this listing you can edit, delete, move to another category or change the position of the forum inside the current category.

Available forums

A list of forums in the particular category is presented at the bottom of the page with the following controls next to each of them:


Edit the forum options and properties.


Clicking this link will delete the forum. Deletion is not permanent and will move the forum into a "recycle bin". For details, see Orphaned Forums.


This option allows the administrator to move a forum from its current category to a different category.

Change Position

Clicking on the change link will allow you to change the position of forum on the page. For example move the 4th forum inside the category to the 2nd position.

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