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The Lock/Unlock Forum Files admin control panel can be used to secure/ protect the forum's files.

Info Symbol NOTE: This utility is only for *NIX installation, it is not available for Windows installations of the forum. The reason for this is that the chmod() function doesn't work on Windows.

FUDforum is designed with a security minded approach to data storage. This means that FUDforum tries to ensure that your forum's data is as secure as possible. Therefore the forum's files are kept with the most minimalistic permissions, allowing only the web server to access those files. Thus they can be altered only using the forum's control panel, preventing other users from seeing and modifying your files.

There may be situations where you would need the ability to access many or all of the forum's files right away and changing permissions of each file using the File Manager would be excessively difficult.

This control panel allows the administrator to 'unlock' the forum's files hence allowing those files to be accessed via FTP and SSH/Telnet. Once your are done, is is HIGHLY recommended that your 'lock' the forum back hence re-instating the secure permissions on your data.

File Permissions
Type Unlocked Locked
Directory 0777 0700 (0711 when using Apache)
File 0666 0600 (0644 when using Apache)

This form can work virtually independently of the forum, so to 'lock' or 'unlock' files the administrator would need to specify their login and password and click on the appropriate button depending on which action they wish to perform.

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