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FUDforum has a number of tools that moderators and administrators can use to manage users, topics and messages. This section covers those tools and gives tips on how to use them to their maximum potential.

Info Symbol NOTE: When referring to 'privileged users', this section refers to users who are moderators, administrators and to the users who have been granted permission pertaining to a certain ability using the groups permissions system if a relevant permission is available.

Custom Avatar Queue

This link will only be visible to the forum's administrator(s) should there be any custom avatars pending approval. Beside the link there will be a red number indicating the number of avatars that are pending administrative approval. Clicking on the link would take the administrator to the avatar approval form allowing them to approve or decline the avatar.

If the avatar is approved or declined, the user who had requested this avatar will be notified via a private message if private messaging system is enabled or via e-mail about the status of their avatar.

Moderation Queue

This link will be visible if there are any messages pending approval in moderated forums. Beside the link there would be a red indicator showing the number of messages awaiting approval. Clicking on the link would take the moderator to a control panel where they would be able to see all of the messages that are pending approval and either approve or delete those messages by using 'Approve' and 'Delete' links found on that page.

Info Symbol NOTE: This option is ONLY be visible to the administrator(s) and forum moderators who moderate the forums that have unapproved messages in them.

Reported Messages

This link will be visible if there are any reported messages. Reported messages are messages that a forum user has chosen to report to the forum administration for whatever reason, as part of the report form the user will be required to enter a reason for the message report so that the administration staff knows why this report was made.

Clicking on the reported messages link will take the moderator to a special page where the moderator can review the reported message as well as reason for the report. From that page the moderator may choose to delete the report and/or take some action in response to the report.

Move Topic/ Messages

Move Topic

This option which is visible to all privileged users beside each topic on the topic view (thread.php) allows them to move the topic to a different forum. Clicking on the link will open a pop-up window with a list of all the available forums.

If the user in question has permission to move the topic to the destination forum then the topic will be moved to their forum of choice once they click on that forum.

Otherwise beside the forum there will be a 'request a move' link. Clicking on this link will allow the moderator to request that the topic be moved to another forum, the form will allow the moderator to enter their reasoning behind their request. It will then be up to the administrator(s) or the moderator(s) of the destination forum to approve or decline the request via the Topic Exchange.

A pointer or shadow topics will be left behind in the original forum that points to the message in the target forum. This pointer will automatically be removed after a set time period.

Topic Exchange

This link will be visible if there are any move topic requests pending as well as indicate how many of those requests are pending. Clicking on the link would take the moderator to a page where they'll be able to see the move request and either accept or decline the move topic request made by another moderator.

Move Messages

Privileged users can move selected messages of a topic to a different topic. The destination topic can be in a different forum.

Info Symbol NOTE: Be aware that navigating to the topic through the user’s profile, or by using search may give you the URL of a specific message as opposed to the target topic itself.

To start, navigate to the destination topic. Look at the URL and note the ID of the topic.

The ID of the destination topic is the number and only the number located between (th= and the &) in the URL of the topic. For example, if the URL is, the ID is 123.

Next, navigate to topic containing the messages that must be moved. Click on the "Move messages" link. Specify the ID of the destination topic, select the messages and click on "Move Selected Messages".

Merge Topics

Privileged users can merge topics by clicking on the Merge Topics link in the topic listing. The Merge Topic Control Panel will be opened. Enter the new topic's title, select the target forum for the merged topic and select the messages that should be merged from the list. To select multiple messages, hold the shift key while clicking on messages. When done, click on the Merge Selected Topics button.

Delete Topics/Messages

Deleting a topic

Deletion of a topic is an action, which can be performed by privileged users by clicking on the delete link beside each topic on the topic listing, or by clicking on the delete button of the root (1st message in the topic) message.

Deleting a message

Privileged users can delete a message by clicking on the delete button located at the bottom of each message, that is located in a forum where they have delete privileges.

Edit Message

Privileged users can edit the content as well as the subject of the message posted in forums in which they have edit privileges.

Info Symbol NOTE: Unless the Show Edited By Moderator is set to no, messages edited by privileged users will be marked as such.

Split Topic

Split topic link, which is visible to privileged users when they are viewing the content of the topic allows for splitting of a topic in to two separate topics. This is mostly done to allow the forum staff to move off topic discussions that have wondered in to a relevant topic.

When clicked, the link would take the privileged user to a control form where how the topic will be split can be specified.

At the top of this form there is a textbox where the name of the new topic will be specified as well as a drop down box with a list of forums where the new topic will be placed. Below these controls there are two buttons allowing the privileged user to split the selected or the non-selected messages.

All the messages in the topic are listed on the 'Split Topic Control Panel', the messages can be selected by marking the checkbox, which is located to left of every message.

Clicking on the 'Split selected messages' button would then split all the selected messages or if the 'Split non-selected messages' button is clicked then all the non-selected messages will be moved to a new topic.

Topic Locking/Unlocking

Privileged users may lock and unlock topics using a link available on the topic contents page. Locked topics prevent regular users from being able to post replies in the topic.

When privileged users post new topics or replies to existing topics they may lock topic by marking the 'Topic Locked' checkbox. The topic will be automatically locked once the post is made.


Privileged users may create topics and mark them as 'Sticky' or 'Announcements'. Such topics will be displayed at the top of topic listing regardless of their age until they reach their expiration date as defined by the privileged user.

This functionality is available on the post form to all privileged users.

Display of Message Author IP Address

All moderators and administrators will be able to see the IP address of message authors. Clicking on the IP address will open a page, which will show the information about that user's ISP.

User Group Management

This control panel allows the administrator(s) and group leader(s) to add and remove users from the various groups as well as alter the permissions of those users.

If the user can manage more then one group then a list of all the groups that they can manage will be shown allowing them to choose a group to edit.

The form also includes a control allowing for addition/editing of users in the group as well as specifying their permissions, the editable permissions contain drop downs with 'Yes/No' toggles allowing the group manager to grant or take away the permission from the user.

Below is the explanation of the permissions that can be granted or removed using the groups system.


Allows the user to see the forum on the forum listing on the front page. Disabling visible will effectively put the forum in "stealth mode".


Allows the user to read the messages inside the forum.


The ability to create new topics in the forum.


The ability to post replies to existing topics in the forum.


The ability to edit messages posted by other users. Disabled by default.

Info Symbol NOTE: Normally users can only edit their own messages. See Edit Time Limit in the Global Settings Manager.


The ability to deletes topics and posted by other users.

Sticky posts

The ability to create Sticky/Announcement topics.

Create polls

The ability to add polls to messages posted on the forum.


Whether or not the user may vote on the polls in the forum.

Info Symbol NOTE: This option will ALWAYS be set to NO for anonymous users, since their uniqueness cannot be determined reliably.

Attach files

Whether or not the user can attach file(s) to their messages.

Info Symbol NOTE: If the number of allowed file attachments for the forum is set to 0, then even if this option is set to 'Yes' users will not be able to attach files.

Rate topics

Whether or not a user can rate topics inside the forum.

Info Symbol NOTE: This option will ALWAYS be set to NO for anonymous users, since their uniqueness cannot be determined reliably.

Split topics

The ability to split topics.

Lock topics

The ability to lock and unlock topics in the forum.

Info Symbol NOTE: Users with this ability will also have the ability to post replies in locked topics.

Move topics

The ability to move or request that a topic be moved to another forum.

Use smilies

If enabled, the user's emoticon tags will be converted to equivalent smiley images during the posting process.

Use image tags

Whether or not this user may use BBcode's [img] tags in his/her posts.

Info Symbol NOTE: If the maximum allowed images per message option is set to 0 this option will have no affect.
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