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The Smiley Manager admin control panel allows the administrator to manage the smilies or emoticons supported by the forum.


Smilies Upload

At the top of the Smiley Manager control panel there is an upload control allowing the administrator to upload images from their hard drive that can be used as smilies.

Clicking on the 'Browse' button will open a dialog window using which an image can be selected. Once that is done, clicking the 'Upload' button will upload the image to the server placing it inside the smilies directory.

Once a smiley is uploaded, it's name will automatically be inserted into the 'Smiley Image' textbox and the preview of the smiley will be visible in the 'Preview Image'.

This Smilies Management control panel allows the administrator to add or edit existing smilies. At the time of editing all of the smiley's properties will be loaded into this control panel so that they may be edited.

Smiley Description

This text will appear in the alt tag of the smiley image, which would be shown if a user holds their mouse above the smiley image. For people using text only browsers this description will appear instead of the smiley image.

Smiley Text

In this text field you enter the special code(s) that will be replaced by the smiley. You can enter more then one code by separating the codes with the ~ character.

Smiley Image

The codes specified in the 'Smiley Text' option will be replaced with this image. You may choose the image from the available smilies by clicking on the 'SELECT ICON' link, which will pop-up a window will all the smiley images in the forum. You can choose the image you want by clicking on it.

Preview Image

The preview of image you've selected in the 'Smiley Image' option.

Info Symbol NOTE: The preview will not appear if you manually enter the image filename in the 'Smiley Image' option.

At the bottom of the 'Smiley Manager' there is a list of all the smilies that are supported by the forum. Beside each smiley there are 3 control links allowing the administrator to change the smiley settings.

Edit Link

When clicked, this link will load the smiley information into 'Smilies Management' control allowing the administrator to edit smiley's properties.

Delete Link

Clicking on this link will remove the smiley from the system.

Info Symbol NOTE: The image will still be on the server, so that messages which use it will not have broken images in them. The image itself can be deleted manually via the shell or FTP and can also be removed via the forum's file manager.

Change Position Link

Clicking this link will allow the administrator to change the position of the smiley. Normally the smilies are displayed in the order they are added in to the system. This is important if you have more smilies then you want to display shortcuts to on the post forms as defined by the Maximum Smilies Shown option in the global control panel.

If that is the case only the first 'Maximum Smilies Shown' number of smilies will be shown on the post form and for the rest the user will need to click on a special link.

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