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To be able to configure the forum you must be logged in as the administrator, for that you require the administrator username and password, if you finished the installation you should have both. Go to the login page and enter the administrator account username and password to login. Whenever you're logged in as the administrator you should see an Admin Control Panel link at top of the page, click this button to access the ACP.

Creating categories and forums

FUDforum arranges forums in categories, for example a forum which is called "Latest Events" might be in the news category along with the "Interesting Happenings".

So, to create a forum you must first create a category. Click the "Category & Forum Management" link. This will bring up the category control panel where you can create and edit categories and the forums within them.

Create a category.

Once created, the category will be showed at the bottom of the page in the list of available categories.

Click the Edit Forums link, which will bring up the forum editor.

Create a forum. Be careful while choosing various options - all of these have major effects on who will be able to view the forum and post in it.

Assigning moderators

The moderator management system is pretty simple, in the administrator control panel click "Moderator/User Manager". This will bring up a user search field. Enter the name of the user you want to make the moderator and click search. If this user actually does exist you will get information about him including the forums he is moderating. Click the "Modify Moderation Permissions" link which will bring up a list of the forums, check off the forums you want this user to be able to moderate and click Apply.

Making first post

Go to the front page of the forum, select the forum that you have created which will take you to the thread view, there will probably be no threads for you to see, so it's up to you to make one and make sure that you have installed the forum correctly and can indeed post.

Click the New Thread button near the top of the page, this will take you to the post form. Fill in the title and the Body fields and click Create Thread. You will be taken back to the thread view of the forum, but now you will see your post in the list.

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