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Important Symbol IMPORTANT: Review the error logs frequently and report any unexpected errors on the support forum.

The Error Log Viewer admin control panel shows all FUDforum's error log files, including:

Empty error logs will be suppressed and will not be shown.

After reviewing the logs, administrators may click on the [ clear log ] link(s) to remove all errors from these log files. Use the available search facility to look for specific errors.

Forums with LOGERR plugins enabled may see altered messages or may not see any messages at all. LOGERR plugins are used to alter, suppress or log messages elsewhere (for example, to the system log). The syslog.plugin is a good example of this.

Besides this log, users should also monitor their web server and database log files. For example, if you get a PHP error (or notice or warning), it will not be logged here!

Unable to access

If you, for some strange reason, are unable to access this control panel, you can view the forum's error log files in the FUDdata/errors/ directory. For example, SQL errors will be appended to file data/errors/sql_errors.

API to log messages

Additional messages can be logged by calling FUDforum's fud_logerror(message, logfile) function. For example, to log a message to the Mailing List error log:

fud_logerror('New message that will appear in mailing list log', 'mlist_errors');
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