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FUDstyler is a utility that allows users to interactively change foreground and background colours to see what effect it will have on FUDforum's default theme. The utility will not perform any changes, but is meant as a visualization aid.


Using FUDstyler

Follow these steps to download and use FUDstyler on your system.

  • Download the package and unzip it on your system
  • Open "FUDstyler.html" in your favourite web browser
  • Click on any of the colours you want to change, the colour wheel will be highlighted
  • Pick a colour from the outer wheel, and then from the inner block. The change will be applied when you click on a different colour.

Implementing suggested changes

Suggested changes can be copied over to your forum's forum.css.tmpl file. Remember to rebuild your theme when done. Also, if you use this utility to develop a nice new theme, please share it with the community by uploading it here on the wiki.

Notes and tips

  • If you design professional websites, use light backgrounds with dark text. However, if you're just making a website for fun, any kind of colour combination is acceptable.
  • FUDstyler is not 100% complete. However, I trust users will use it, enhance it, and re-upload the enhanced package here for other to use.

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