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Info Symbol WARNING: While this process is running, your forum will be disabled.

The Forum consistency admin control panel checks the integrity of FUDforum's data and repairs it if inconsistencies are found. This process also regenerates forum caches of various data such as moderators, topic views, etc...

When to run it

It is highly recommended to run a consistency checker once per month on high traffic forums and once every two or three months on low traffic forums.

If you see some irregularities with the forum data or inconsistent information being displayed, run the consistency checker, in most cases this will resolve the problem.

Defining additional checks

Developers can write plugins to define additional checks and maintenance activities. If a plugin has a plugin_check() function, it will automatically be executed during consistency runs.

Info Symbol NOTE: If the problem persists after running a consistency check, please take the time to report it as a bug, by going to the FUDforum support forum
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