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Ldap.plugin is a plugin that will authenticate users against an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory server and not against FUDforum's user database. This plugin ships with FUDforum 2.8.1 and later releases.



You need to have a working LDAP server installed and configured before enabling this plugin. This plugin was tested with OpenLDAP, however any standards-based LDAP server (including Microsoft Active Directory) should get the job done.


Disable new user registrations on your forum to ensure that only LDAP registered users can gain access to your forum.

Navigate to this plugin's configuration page (in the Plugin Manager) to configure your LDAP settings.

LDAP Server Name

Enter a space-separated list of LDAP server names. Default is localhost.

LDAP server port

Enter the port on which your LDAP server is listening. The default is 389.

Enable TLS

Enable or disable TLS (Transport Layer Security) mode. Set to true (the default) or false.

Case Insensitive

Is the LDAP server case insensitive? Set to true or false (the default). Note that Microsoft's Active Directory is Case Insensitive, and you will have to change this to true to support it. This toggle was introduced in FUDforum 3.0.1.

Proxy user

Enter the proxy username if you need to bind via a proxy server. If not, leave empty.

Proxy password

Enter the proxy password if you need to bind via a proxy server. If not, leave empty.


Enter the namespace in which to search for forum usernames. For example, dc=example,dc=com


The LDAP property to query. For example: uid.


This plugin uses FUDforum's AUTHENTICATE hook.

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