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The Message Editor admin control panel allows the administrator to edit FUDforum's messages (for example to make site spesific translations) or to download the latest messages from to your forum.

FUDforum included i18n support, which allows the administrator to easily pick a language other then English for their forum. The i18n supports also makes it easy to translate the forum into languages that are not yet included in the main distribution. I18n support is accomplished by keeping all of the text displayed on the forum in a special file, which can be edited via this control panel or manually with a text editor.

Info Symbol NOTE: If you are introducing major changes or translating a forum in to another language you're probably better off making the modifications on TranslateWiki rather than on this control panel.


Editing messages

When you access the message editor you are presented with a form that allows you to choose which message file you want to edit and for which theme this message file is for.

The message editor displays a colour coded view of the templates and their corresponding messages. It also indicated which files utilize each template.

Below is the explanation for the colour codes used in the message editor.

  • Red Template name, clicking on this link will pull up a form with all the messages inside this template, allowing you to edit them.
  • Green Indicated a particular message. Clicking on this link will allow you to edit this message.
  • Brown These links are shown below the templates (in red) that are used by other templates. Clicking on this link will change your browser's focus to that template.

When you click on the 'Edit' button available on the message edit form, your changes will be saved to the message file and the forum will be recompiled to using the new data you've entered.

Important Symbol IMPORTANT: After making manual modifications to the message file (bypassing this control panel) please remember to recompile the theme via the Theme Manager to activate your changes.

Plural messages

One can specify singular and plural forms of a variable with:

{PLURAL: count|form 1|form 2|...}

For example:

{PLURAL: frm->n_rating|$1 Vote|$1 Votes}

$1 refers to the count (first parameter).

Plural forms for languages in FUDforum should follow CLDR's plural rules as defined at

Downloading messages

FUDforum is localized on the website. This control panel allows the administrator to download the latest and most up to date translation from the TranslateWiki website. Simply select the language and click on the download button to update your forum.

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