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The Theme Manager admin control panel is the heart of the FUDforum's templating system, this control panel allows the administrator to add, edit and remove the available themes. Users will be able to choose a theme of their choice from the ones available via their profile.

The first part of the control panel allows the administrator to add or edit a theme and language combination. This combination is what the users will see as the theme options in their profile menu.


Add or edit a theme


The name you wish to assign to a particular theme + language combination. This name will be visible to your users, so choose wisely.

Template Set

This select allows the administrator to choose the template set, which will be used with this theme. The default template sets provided with FUDforum are:

  • default
  • path_info - same as default, but with search engine friendly URLs.
  • path_info_seo - same as path_info, but with further search engine enhancements.

Structure variations:

  • user_info_left - display member info to the left of posts (FUDforum 2.8.1 and higher).
  • user_info_right - display member info to the right of posts (FUDforum 2.8.1 and higher).

Colour variations:

  • forestgreen - green variation introduced with FUDforum 3.0.0.
  • slateblue - blue variation introduced with FUDforum 3.0.0.
  • twilightgrey - grey variation introduced with FUDforum 3.0.1.

NOTE: You can also create your own template sets, for details see Create a new theme.


This select allows the administrator to specify the language, which will be used with this theme.

FUDforum will try to detect the default language from your browser's settings and pre-fill this field. Otherwise the default will be set to 'English'.

Examples of valid locales
Windows Linux
chinese zh_CN.UTF-8
french fr_FR.UTF-8
german de_DE.UTF-8
japanese ja_JP.UTF8
russian ru_RU.UTF8
spanish es_ES.UTF-8


The locale is the setting FUDforum will export to PHP to allow it to format various strings such as dates according to certain language/country specifications. This field is automatically filled in using JavaScript when you select the language, however you may need to change the value manually.

The correct locale depends on your operating system. For example, one should typically use german on Windows systems, but de_DE.utf-8 on Linux/Unix systems. Always use a UTF-8 locale. Windows is the exception, as it doesn't have UTF-8 locales.

Info Symbol NOTE: On most *NIX computers you can see the list supported locales by executing this command: locale -a

pSpell Language

This options allows the administrator to select the language pack that pspell will use when spell checking messages posted by users who use this particular theme. This option will automatically have its value filled in when you choose a language.

You can disable the spell checker for a particular theme by clicking on the disable link found on right on the option or removing the value of the option.


Allows the administrator to specify whether or not this theme is the default. The default theme will be used for anonymous users and users who have not selected their preferred theme from their user profile settings.


Allows the administrator to specify whether or not this theme is enabled. If the theme is enabled, forum users will be able to choose to use this theme via their profile.

Create Template Set

The next form, 'Create Template Set', allows the administrator to create a new template set that later can be selected from the Theme Option inside the theme editor.

To create a new template set, simply enter the name you wish to assign to the theme into the text box and click on the 'Create' button.

Available Themes

At the bottom of the control panels there is a list of all the available themes with a number of clickable links allowing the administrator to administer the available themes.


Clicking this link will load this theme into the theme manager, allowing the administrator to edit this theme.

Rebuild Theme

Clicking this link will recompile the theme. This link should be used after any manual modifications to the theme's template, source or message files.

A Rebuild all Themes link is also available to rebuild all the listed themes in a single operation.


This link allows the administrator to remove a theme. All themes with the exception of the default theme can be deleted. The default theme can only be disabled.

Rebuild themes from command line

In the unlikely event that you cannot access this control panel, run this code from the command line (or copy it into a .php file in your forum's "root" directory and run it from your browser) to rebuild your themes:

include "GLOBALS.php";
fud_use('', true);
//  compile_all(theme, lang, name);
compile_all('default', 'english', 'default');
echo "Done recompiling themes";
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