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The XML Syndication Manager admin control panel allows administrators to enable and configure XML feeds for their forums. FUDforum 2.8.1 and below only supports RDF syndication. Starting with version 3.0.0, FUDforum supports RDF, RSS2 and ATOM feeds.


Configuration options

XML Feed Enabled

Whether or not to allow users to generate XML (RDF, ATIM and RSS) feeds of the forum's data.

Info Symbol NOTE: By default, the XML feed will display all messages posted to the forum. If you have subforums which are intended to be viewed by privileged users only, enable "RDF Authentication" (see below) before proceeding.

XML Authentication

Whether or not to perform permission checks to determine if the user has access the requested data.

Info Symbol WARNING: If XML Authentication is disabled, messages from restricted forums may be publicly visible in your forum's XML feed. Only enable when you have to as there is a performance penalty.

User id

When performing authentication, the forum will treat the user as anonymous. However, to increase or lower security you can specify exactly which user the feed will be authenticated as. This field allows you to enter the id of that user. The default is 0 (Anonymous).

Maximum number of result

The maximum number of results that can be fetched within a single request through the XML feed. The default is 20 records.

Allow user data retrieval

Whether or not to allow user profile data to be fetched and presented as a feed. Disabled by default.

Cache Controls

Duration of time for which to cache the XML forum feeds (in seconds). Set to 0 to disable caching. Set to a high value on slow or over committed sites. The default is 3600 seconds or 1 hour.


Some example URL's:

  • Fetch the 10 most recent messages from your forum and format it as an RDF feed:
  • Fetch the 15 most recent topics from your forum and format it as an ATOM feed:
  • Fetch the 20 most recent topics from the first forum and format it as a RSS2 feed:
 http://fudforum.org/forum/feed.php?mode=t&l=1&n=20&frm=1&fo rmat=rss

Also see

  • XML Aggregation, reverse process of importing remote XML feeds as posts into the forum.
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