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MapBBCode.plugin add a [map] bbcode and button to the forum. It allows visualizing discussion topic on a map, sharing routes and everything else that MapBBCode does.



This plugin is only available with FUDforum 3.0.2 and later releases.

For using it with FUDForum 3.0.2 (this doesn't affect newer versions) you will have to do a slight modification to a forum script:

  1. Open (FUDforum_data)/includes/
  2. Find the second line with "FINALIZE" (in uppercase) in it.
  3. Replace "array($file_data));" with "array($file_data, $dst));"


Enable the plugin from the Plugin Manager. Then configure the plugin: for example, enable MapBBCode Share intergration and add layers relevant to your forum topics.

When done, you would need to rebuild your forum's themes.


This plugin uses COMPILER_FINALIZE_PAGE and both BBCODE hooks.

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