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Important Symbol IMPORTANT: Users running FUDforum 3.0.0 or FUDforum 3.0.1 can upgrade to this release. Users on older FUDforum 2.x releases must first upgrade to version 3.0.0 before they can upgrade to subsequent releases.

FUDforum 3.0.2 was released on 20 November 2010. Support for it ended on 20 November 2011. Users still running 3.0.2 are encouraged to upgrade their forums to FUDforum 3.0.7 ASAP!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike previous releases where a single file was required to install or upgrade, you now need two files: fudforum_archive AND either install.php or upgrade.php. The command line package was also removed as install.php can now be used for web and command line installations.


Upgrade prerequisites

  • This release introduces several databases changes. The upgrade script may take a while to run and will significantly reduce the total database size.
  • All JavaScript files were moved into a separate js/ directory. If you have custom themes that overrides the default forum header, please update your tmpl/header.tmpl file and rebuild your themes.
  • If you have custom themes that references "tz.inc.t", you need to remove it manually. Edit your tmpl/register.tmpl and delete this line and rebuild your themes:
{REF: tz.tmpl}

TIP: Users with large forums on MySQL should increase key_buffer_size in my.cfg to speed-up index creation during the upgrade (a small 8M buffer, for example, is going to hurt!). To check your current setting, run the following command from your forum's SQL Manager:

show variables like "key_buffer_size";

New features

  • Support Oracle databases (imagine an enterprise forum utilizing a cluster of RAC databases with Data Guard to maintain a disaster-recovery site).
  • Support custom profile fields.
  • The Job Manager can now be used to scheduling routine tasks like backups and mailing list and NNTP imports.
  • Add filter to search for messages with attachments (patch by alopezie).
  • Add BBcode tags for headings [H1] to [H4] (patch by Ernesto)
  • Add support for Mailing List importing over POP3/SSL and IMAP/SSL.
  • Improved parsing of MIME-encoded USENET posts.
  • Integrate the command line installer into the normal installer. Install.php can now run in both web and command line modes.
  • Only ask for password confirmation when changing critical settings (patch by JanRei)
  • Users can change their own login names (similar to the current change password pop-up).
  • Improve time zone selection (remove hard coded time zones and use those built into PHP).
  • The graphical captcha will be enabled by default after installing the forum.
  • Support caching plugins. A sample APC Cache is provided for high-traffic forums.
  • Support compiler plugins. Sample Google analytics.plugin‎, Google_adsense.plugin and Addthis.plugin plugins are provided to illustrate functionality.
  • New E-Mail Login plugin that will allow forum users to login to the forum with either their normal username or E-mail addresses.
  • Introduce PRE_AUTHENTICATE hook. A sample OpenID plugin is provided that can authenticate users against external providers like Google (patch by omniton).
  • Ability to alter, log or suppress errors. A sample syslog.plugin is provided to write errors to the system log instead of the forum's error log.
  • Display member's birthdays on the forum calendar (new toggle in the Calendar Manager).
  • MySQL optimizations are now permanently enabled (the "Use MySQL 4.1 Performance Options" setting was removed).
  • A new User Pruning control panel was added for deleting users with zero posts that haven't signed in recently.
  • Display the Newsgroup and Mailing List error logs in the Error Log Viewer.
  • The consistency checker will trim large error log files down to +- 100K.
  • Check for new forum upgrades and notify admins on the Forum Dashboard.

Design Changes

  • Hide the "Post Reply" button when Quick Reply is enabled as users frequently think it will submit a reply.
  • JavaScript files were moved into a separate js/ directory.
  • The topic's subject and description will now be used as the HTML page's META DESCRIPTION (search engine optimization).
  • Various small layout and style changes.


  • Add support for Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography / Беларуская тарашкевіца) - thanks to EugeneZelenko and Jim-by.
  • Add support for Ukrainian/Українська (thanks Alex Khimich).
  • Add support for Lithuanian/Lëtzebuergesch (thanks to Robby).
  • Add support for Pashto/پښتو (thanks to Ahmed-Najib-Biabani-Ibrahimkhel).
  • Add support for Uyghur/ug-arab/ئۇيغۇرچە (thanks to Sahran)
  • Interlingua is now 100% translated (thanks McDutchie!).
  • Various localisation updates from translatewiki.net (thanks Siebrand!).


  • (minor) Fix undefined property stdClass::$twitter error in message selector.
  • (minor) Suppress error in XML Aggregator when loading empty XML documents.
  • (minor) Fetch all E-mails from mailbox (not just recent mails) when importing with maillist.php (patch by antoviaque).
  • (minor) Fix/improve LDAP plugin's error logging (patch by lbrigman124).
  • (minor) Log E-Mail sending errors to the forum's error log.
  • (minor) Allow admins and mods to specify the ban duration as a fraction of a day (I.e. 0.5 for 12 hours).
  • (medium) Messages are queued for approval even if MOD_FIRST_N_POSTS = 0 (patch by XIXs).
  • (medium) Cleanup search index entries after message removal (will reduce DB size).
  • (medium) Truncate subject lines to 100 characters to prevent mailing list import errors.
  • (minor) Don't display redirect forums in search filter.
  • (minor) Fix double headers when sending e-mail from the forum to a mailing list.
  • (minor) Quick reply will always notify regardless of the user's notification setting.
  • (medium) Some search terms were case sensitive.


  • Ilia Alshanetsky for giving us access and allowing us to upgrading the fudforum.org site.
  • Jan Reininghaus for numerous fixes and code improvements.
  • Siebrand Mazeland for helping FUDforum localizers on translatewiki.net and committing translation updates.
  • Omniton for introduceing the PRE_AUTHENTICATE hook and providing a sample OpenID plugin.
  • Alopezie for adding an attachment search filter.
  • Ernesto for adding BBcode tags for headings ([H1] to [H4]) and fixing-up the Swedish translation.
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