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The Mass E-Mail admin control panel allows the administrator to send bulk messages and newsletters to all the registered users of the forum via E-Mail or PM (Private Message). Useful for important update/news information.


Send Messages via PM

Select this checkbox to send mail via the forum's PM system (only if the forum's PM system is enabled).

This option is disabled by default (send message via E-mail).

Send Messages To

Audience to send the message to. Choose between:

One can also send messages based on user rank as defined in the Rank Manager. For example:

  • User Rank: Senior Member
  • User Rank: Member
  • User Rank: Junior Member


Subject of your message to send to registered users.


The body of the message to send to registered users.

Ignore User Override

The user can specify that they wish to ignore admin's E-mails via their profile settings. However, if the administrator feels that the message is important enough that all forum members should receive it, then they can overwrite the user's setting, by selecting this option.

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