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FUDforum provides out of the box support for MySQL databases.

One of the following PHP drivers must be implemented to enable MySQL support:

  • mysql (prior to PHP 7)
  • mysqli (MySQL improved)
  • pdo_mysql (Portable Data Objects interface)

Prevent external access to the DB

Edit /etc/my.cnf and configure one of the below methods to shield your database from external access:

Method 1 (binding SQL just to interface I/0):


This will the daemon cause just to listen on the loopback device, so no one in the network will have an idea that there's a daemon at all, because they are accessing the machine from a different interface (eth0, eth1 etc). Makes sense where SQL and httpd are hogging up the same machine.

Method 2 (disabling TCP/IP completely):

skip networking

Now SQL only listens on local unix sockets, a solution preferred over the first one, because it's always better to reduce the amount of services on a machine (even if they're running on loopback) since it makes it less vulnerable.

External links

Supported database types

DB2 | CUBRID | Firebird | MySQL | PostgreSQL | Oracle | SQLite | SQL Server

Also see: FUDforum tables
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