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Wikilinks.plugin is a plugin that will allow forum users to use [[wikilink]] tags as shorthand to link to articles on an external wiki site (like Wikipedia or your site's wiki). This plugin ships with FUDforum 3.0.0 and later releases.



This plugin can be activated as-is on any forum.

Note that this plugin depends on PCRE Unicode support (usually enabled by default) and will not work if it is disabled (restriction lifted in FUDforum 3.0.2).


Enable the plugin in the Plugin Manager and enter the base URL of the wiki you want to link to. For examples:

  • enter to link tags to Wikipedia articles.
  • enter to link tags to this FUDforum wiki.


Simple tags:

  • [[FUDforum]]
  • [[BBcode]]

Tags with alternate text:

  • [[FUDforum|the best forum ever]]
  • [[BBcode|forum tags]]

With a suffix:

  • [[Internationalisation]]s

PS: If you use this plugin to link to Wikipedia articles, you can use links like [[fr:FUDforum]] to link to articles in different languages.


This plugin uses FUDforum's BBCODE2HTML and HTML2BBCODE hooks.

See also

  • Mediawiki, extension to automatically authenticate wiki users from your FUDforum database.
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