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Description of FUDforum table fud30_msg. This table tracks the forum's messages.

Note that the message bodies are not stored in this table. Messages bodies will either be stored in flat files (by default in the messages directory) or in the fud30_msg_store table depending on how the forum is configured.


Column Name Datatype Can be Null? Key? Default Description
id int(11) NO PRI auto_increment
thread_id int(11) NO MUL 0 References fud30_thread.id.
poster_id int(11) NO MUL 0 References fud30_users.id.
reply_to int(11) NO 0 References 'id' above.
ip_addr varchar(15) NO MUL IP Address of the poster.
host_name varchar(255) YES Host name if 'Public Host Resolving' is enabled.
post_stamp bigint(20) NO MUL 0 Date/time message was posted.
update_stamp bigint(20) NO 0 Date/time message was updated.
updated_by int(11) NO 0 References fud30_users.id.
icon varchar(100) YES Icon to show next to the message.
subject varchar(100) NO MUL Message's subject.
attach_cnt int(11) NO MUL 0 Number of attached messages.
poll_id int(11) NO MUL 0 References fud30_poll.id.
foff bigint(20) NO 0 Offset in file (-1 if stored in DB).
length int(11) NO 0 Message body length.
file_id int(11) NO 1 File where message body is stored. May references fud30_msg_store.id if messages are stored in the DB.
offset_preview bigint(20) NO 0 Same as foff above, but for the shortened preview of the message.
length_preview int(11) NO 0 Same as length above, but for the shortened preview of the message.
file_id_preview int(11) NO 0 Same as file_id above, but for the shortened preview of the message.
attach_cache text YES Serialized attachment values.
poll_cache text YES Serialized poll values.
mlist_msg_id varchar(100) YES MUL Mailing list or USENET Message-ID.
Column should be renamed to 'external_msg_id' in a future release.
msg_opt int(11) NO 1 Message options (see below).
apr int(11) NO MUL 0 Message approved (0=No, 1=Yes)?
Should be moved into 'msg_opt' in a future release.
flag_cc char(2) YES Country code.
flag_country varchar(50) YES Country description.


Index Name Uniqueness Column Name Seq in index Comments
fud30_msg_i_ta NOT UNIQUE thread_id 1
fud30_msg_i_ta NOT UNIQUE apr 2
fud30_msg_i_ps NOT UNIQUE post_stamp 1
fud30_msg_i_pa NOT UNIQUE poster_id 1
fud30_msg_i_pa NOT UNIQUE apr 2
fud30_msg_i_a NOT UNIQUE apr 1
fud30_msg_i_ac NOT UNIQUE attach_cnt 1
fud30_msg_i_pi NOT UNIQUE poll_id 1
fud30_msg_i_ip NOT UNIQUE ip_addr 1
fud30_msg_i_ip NOT UNIQUE post_stamp 2
fud30_msg_i_mmi NOT UNIQUE mlist_msg_id 1
fud30_msg_i_s NOT UNIQUE subject 1


Binary values for msg_opt:

  • 1 = show_sig
  • 2 = smiley_disabled
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