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FUDforum 2.5.0 was released on 26 June 2003. This release is no longer supported. Please upgrade to FUDforum 3.0.0 ASAP.



After what seems like forever, the 1st beta of FUDforum 2.5.0 is finally out. As the large version jump may suggest this is a significant rewrite of the FUDforum code base, which hopefully will make the forum even faster as well as add some long awaited features.

Below is the list of some of the major changes you will find in this release:

  • Many PostgreSQL related fixed (based on my tests all parts of the forum should work with PostgreSQL).
  • Rewrote the upgrade script to work better with PostgreSQL.
  • Added authentication step to upgrade script for increased security.
  • Added uninstall which can un-install FUDforum, this allows the default forum permissions to once again be secure.
  • Added complex checks for safe_mode & open_basedir to upgrade & install script, which hopefully will allow easy installation on systems with such restrictions.
  • Added the ability to mark a particular forum read.
  • Added Dutch & Chinese Traditional (Big5) localization.
  • Optimized the code not to rely on register_globals & optimize for situations when magic_quotes_gpc are off.
  • Added more checks to consistency checker.
  • Many optimizations in both PHP & MySQL code (you'll notice that most pages take far fewer queries to generate).
  • Added a much faster & working theme optimizer based on the tokenizer extension.
  • Many other small features & bug fixes.

FUDforum 2.5.0 will require PHP 4.2.0 or later

The reason for this requirement is the fact that most ISPs have already upgraded and those who did not should due to the numerous bugs & security issues found in PHP versions < 4.2.0

Since this is a major release, I ask everyone to try this on their test servers so that we can quickly hammer out any existing bugs & move to 2.5.1 stable release.

At the moment there are a number of features that will definitely be in 2.5.0 or 2.5.1, but are not yet found in this release. These are as follows:

  • XML feed of forum data.
  • PDFs generated from messages (for printing).
  • PATH_INFO based urls.
  • Admin option to enable/disable user's ability to add images to their profile.
  • Preview + SpellCheck buttons near the message preview.


This is a mini release of sorts, who purpose is to offer the latest & hopefully more stable version of FUDforum 2.5.0 for weekend testing ;)

Despite the short time since RC1 this release contains MANY fixes & improvements. I've broken the list of changes into Bugs & Features to make it more readable.


  • Added an alternative to aggregate_methods() for PHP installs where this function is not available.
  • Fixed a bug with subscribe to topic link.
  • Fixed errors in some translations.
  • Updated the French, Portuguese & Russian (CP-1251) translations.
  • Fixed warning on polls without options.
  • Fixed a bug in upgrade script that forgot to create search_cache table.
  • Fixed undefined variable in flat thread listing.
  • Fixed a number of bugs on selmsg form.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 'online list' to be hidden in some cases.
  • Added missing input validation to search code.
  • Fixed a bug with custom tag generation.
  • Fixed query error when email confirmation key is not valid.
  • Fixed a possible query error when marking the forum read.
  • Fixed a bug with online theme editor, preventing editing of forum.css.tmpl
  • Fixed missing variable definitions in the installer.
  • Number of other minor fixes.


  • Added RDF/RSS feed that allows syndication of forum's data. Sample parser could be found in script/ directory.
  • Added code to allow admin to be notified on new user registrations on forums where new accounts must first be approved by the admin.
  • Added an option that allows disabling of user image in the profile.
  • Added code to allow forum moderator to be notified of new messages in moderated forums (messages must 1st be approved before appearing to rest of forum users).
  • Added code to remove duplicate variables from GLOBALS.php.
  • Added post submission buttons to the bottom of preview for easy access.
  • Added option to allow you to enable php's native zlib compression to compress forum's page. Very useful if you do not have access to mod_gzip or alike.
  • Added checks to ensure max file upload size does not exceed PHP's native upload limits.
  • Added .htaccess that does some php config tunning for Apache servers.


A second major revision of the FUDforum 2.5.0. The focus of this release were bug fixes with only a single feature being added.

Bug Fixes

  • Added missing link to sample RDF parser (that handled FUDforum's RSS feed).
  • Fixed a problem with profile editing when aliases are used.
  • Fixed a bug with hostname resolving code.
  • Fixed a bug that caused editor signature to appear in preview when editing messages by other users.
  • Fixed PM link of user's profile page.
  • Fixed selmsg redirect problem.
  • Make native implementation of file_get_contents handle URLs.
  • Make SQL optimization separate step.
  • Fixed reset link in the e-mail when password is reset by the admin.
  • Allow selmsg to go back to any particular date.
  • Added help section about FUDforum content syndication.
  • Added an option allowing to block user data syndication.
  • Fixed warning in maillist.php.
  • Fixed a bug with smiley replacment.
  • Fixed zlib check in install & upgrade scripts.
  • Fixed poll upgrading code (from < 2.5.0 to 2.5.0+).
  • Added missing uninstall.php to install package.

The new feature is the PDF output of forum pages that allows a nice printable version of the forum data to be generated.


Yet another mostly bug fixing, fortunately the number of bugs seems to be getting much smaller so a final release should not be too far away. So, without further adue here are the changes:

  • Added code to the installer to check for LOCK permission.
  • Fixed an error in pdf.php.t when pdflib is not available.
  • Added 'unprotect' script that can be used to unlock a forum.
  • Fixed mode detection in rdf.php.t.
  • Make uninstall.php safe_mode safe.
  • Fixed division by 0 warning in pdf.php.t.
  • Fixed a bug that caused quote link in PM to forget the TO user.
  • Fixed a bug with attachments in private messages.
  • Fixed a bunch of undefined variable warnings.
  • Added missing input validation.
  • Fixed a few bugs with RSS feed.
  • Added 'basic' mode to RSS feed which is compatible with standard RSS parsers.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated installation & upgrade readme files.
  • Better ini value detection for boolean values.
  • Fixed template confusion in drawpmsg.tmpl.
  • Optimized GLOBALS.php inclusion.
  • Added code to upgrade script to check for data uniqueness before adding unique indexes.
  • Several PostgreSQL related fixes.


A bug fix release with the final major feature missing from 2.5.0, which is the PATH_INFO based templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Added missing include to pdf.php.t.
  • Added missing syndicate link to FAQ.
  • Various small optimizations.
  • Fixed word wraping.
  • Fixed undefined variables in the installer.
  • Fixed icon_arrow.gif transparency.
  • Added missing locks on user deletion.
  • Fixed duplicate control for icons_per_row option.
  • Fixed compiler tweak bug.
  • Fixed sorting order in rdf/rss feed.
  • Fixed bug with nested lists.
  • Updated Swedish translation.
  • Fixed default option in list maker.
  • Fixed a bug with theme disabling.

As I've mentioned above you can now fully use PATH_INFO based URLS in your forum. To make it work follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to admin control panel & enable 'Use PATH_INFO style URLs' if your web server supports them.
  • Now go to the theme manager and create a new theme based on the path_info template set.
  • Make the new theme default & enable it.
  • Disable the old theme.


Another bug fix RC.

  • Fixed error message on double e-mail confirmation
  • Fixed a warning message when editing global groups in admin group manager.
  • Added list like e-mail headers when sending full body e-mail notifications.
  • Multiple fixes to wordwrap
  • Handling of special characters in RDF
  • Fixed if condition around post button
  • Updated French, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish translations
  • Added Romanian translation
  • Optimized the last X posts in RDF feed
  • Check display_errors ini setting inside fud_sql_error_handler
  • Fixed private message redirect
  • HTML sanitation on announcment control panel
  • Add http:// ftp:// https:// check for homepage & image URLs
  • Fixed a bug in tree view template
  • Fixed a bug with forum renaming
  • Fixed maximize/minimize category bug
  • Fixed double includes in consistency checker
  • Better PostgreSQL version detection
  • Bug with destination user loss when quoting replies in PM
  • Fixed path_info urls for anonymous users.
  • Added Bust'A'Punk feature


Hopefully the final RC before the 2.5.0 final release. This will probably be the last chance for translation updates before 2.5.0 so if your translations need updates now is the time Wink.

  • Updated French, Russian & Portuguese translations.
  • Fixed path info URLs for anonymous users.
  • Fixed admin control panel link.
  • Fixed rview bug.
  • Wordwrap fixes.
  • Fixed action list urls in path_info mode.
  • Fixed a possible warning with selmsg & path_info redirection.
  • When creating a new template set allow choice between standard base & path_info base.
  • Template type detection to upgrade script.
  • Fixed upgrading of path_info based themes.
  • Fixed .'. handling by the compiler.
  • Fixed handling of the [code] & [php] tags.


The long awaited 2.5.0 release is finally out. This release is the combination of the fixed & improvements made from RC1-RC6. With a few minor bug fixes listed below:

  • Fixed a query failure in group manager for group leaders.
  • Proper handling of open_basedir with multiple directories.
  • Endless loop protection if the comment ending is not found.
  • Added -q option to the README files.
  • Fixed quoting in private message code.
  • Removed a mostly pointless cookie renewal every request, which also solves a login bug on forum with MULTI_HOST_LOGIN enabled.
  • Mailist identifier check.
  • Block harmless warning if install.php is missing the archive.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly disabled threaded message view when threaded topic view is disabled.
  • Improved session appending code.

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